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ZEEROmed Platform

Medishare Telemedicine services are provided thanks to the innovative ZEEROmed platform, a technology owned by O3 Enterprise, equipped with HTML5 Viewer, certified for the diagnosis. 

Thanks to dedicated applications and tools, we can ensure quick service activation times in full respect of safety and the patient’s data protection.

ZEEROmed platform allows to cover the needs and interaoperability levels of every healthcare facility, thanks to HL7 and DICOM integration standards.

IT Security

The teleradiology platform is hosted on dedicated virtual machines inside the GCP (Google Cloud Platform) infrastructure to guarantee the highest level of security, reliability and performance.

To preserve patient’s data, Cloud infrastructure is controlled by potential internal and external threats 24/7 with control solutions and constant monitoring.

Medishare Telemedicine technical staff constantly tracks the data operating flows that are uploaded by healthcare facilities, until the sharing with the Radiologist.


Teleradiology platform is integrated with third-parties Artificial Intelligence algorithms, equipped by CE certificate, in support of cases prioritization and diagnostic lectures for the identification of specific pathologies. 

These AI tools are exclusively to be considered as help, under no circumstances replace the radiologist in the reporting process.

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