About us

Learn more about our background and Medishare Telemedicine strengths.

Since 2014 at the service of facilities and patients

We work with professionalism and passion to be a trustworthy partner to every diagnostic imaging department and diagnostic centers.

Medishare Telemedicine is a teleradiology service provider in support of the diagnostic activity of public and private healthcare structures.

Since 2014, we have been offering support and diagnostic coverage to more than 40 national accredited private health facilities, located in several Italian regions, providing an added high-quality service from a technological, clinical and organizational point of view.

Since December 2019 we have been managing the first reporting service in radiological telemanaging in the public sector, supporting a Local Health Department in the management of the Radiology Department. In doing so, we have contributed to higher availability of services by citizens.

The experience and the professionalism of our radiologists joins the management skills of Medishare Telemedicine’s staff and the innovative aspects of our technological platform. 

All this to ensure our clients a high quality service in quick time, respecting the highest standards of security and, especially, the patient’s care.

Our strengths



Medishare Telemedicine has specific experiences in organizing teleradiology services, both from a clinical-organizational and technical point of view



Our service is flanked by the daily activities of our clients, becoming a true and real support based on their needs



A multidisciplinary team composed of doctors, managers, computer scientists and organizational coordinators, everybody focused to provide a high quality service



Medishare Telemedicine services are provided thanks to an innovative technological Cloud based platform and with components for teleradiology’s flows

Our Team

A multidisciplinary team, completely dedicated to Radiology services, to provide constant and reliable support in every kind of situation.


Street G. Caprin 18, 34170
Gorizia (GO) ITALY

VAT number IT01194040315